Friday, May 22, 2020

Rock garden

The mini-promontory of rock that juts out into the end of Brown's Bay is mostly bare rock, exposed to the waves and the wind. But it is old rock, cracked and broken, and in the crevices, a few handfuls of soil nurture a varied wild garden.

Bare rocks. But look closely!

Rock garden. Beach pea (going to seed already), moss, stonecrops, lichen.

Beach pea, Lathyrus japonicus.

When I blow up the photos, I often discover things that were staring me in the face and I never saw them. Here, there is an interesting bug, half hidden.

On the far side of a leaf, so that mostly his shadow shows through, but look at that pretty tear-drop wing!

Trailing blackberry, Rubus ursinus.

This is a very tiny, extremely tiny plant, unidentified.

Spreading stonecrop, Sedum divergens. Tiny button leaves, yellow flower.

More stonecrops, with two species of lichen. The tiny red dot just under the ledge above the far left group of leaves is a mite; in a photo taken 30 seconds later, it was gone. There's another at the far right.

And several species of lichen.

As well as the Nootka rose (and snake) that I posted yesterday. Busy rocks!


La rocas al final de Brown's Bay están, en su mayor parte, roca desnuda, a la merced de las olas y el viento. Pero es roca vieja, rota y agrietada, y en las grietas han caído fragmentos de polvo y materia orgánica, trasportados por el viento. Y así se ha formado encima de la roca, un jardín silvestre minúsculo.

Las plantas: primera foto: legumbres (chícharo de la playa, Lathyrus japonica) formando semillas ya, uva de gato (Sedum divergens), musgo y líquenes.

Dos fotos de Lathyrus; en la segunda, hay un insecto escondido, con una ala en forma de lágrima.

Mora de oso (Rubus ursinus)

Una plantita tan miniatura que no aparece en mis libros guía.

Y la uva de gato, Sedum divergens. Esta planta es apenas unos cuanto centímetros de alto. En la segunda foto, entre los líquenes, busquen los ácaros rojos. Se ven como dos puntitos rojos.

Y al final, unna roca con tres especies de líquenes.

Eso además de la rosa Nutkana (y la víbora) que subí ayer. ¡Un jardín rocoso lleno de vida!

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