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I was once challenged to write an autobiography in 6 sentences or less. I came up with this limerick:
When anyone asks where I come from,
I wish that my life had been humdrum.
I am known, as a fact,
By how fast I can pack,
And for sleeping in truck stops while bugs hum.
Not exactly the best limericking, but it still fits the bill.

Filling in the blanks: I am Canadian, well past 70 years old, a grandmother and great-grandmother. I was born on a native reserve in Ontario, grew up on the west coast of Vancouver Island (as far west as you can go without running out of Canada), came of age in Mexico City. Between times, I lived in the Fraser Valley, Texas, Seattle, Oklahoma, and Bella Coola, on the BC north coast. For now, I'm more-or-less settled in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. When I say "home", except in the context of "I left my spare battery at home, again!", I think of Bella Coola and Mexico.

About the name of the blog, "Wanderin' Weeta": that's me. The "Wanderin'" bit is self-explanatory. "Weeta" was, at the time I started blogging, over 13 years ago now, was what the youngest of my grandchildren was calling me; her way of saying "abuelita", grandma in Spanish.

My wandering, these days, centers on the east coast of Vancouver Island. I photograph and write about the world I see around me, focusing mainly on things green and wet, critters small and smaller, birds and the occasional beast.

Where you can find me on the web:

Wanderin' Snail


  1. Anonymous7:41 am

    I like reading this short bio, Susannah. The limerick is delightful. Makes me want to try writing one about my life.

  2. I'd like to see your limierick! I think you're another of the "fast packers," no?

  3. Anonymous8:40 am

    Oh yes, I am a fast packer! I have often thought about just listing all the places I have lived these past 40 years.

  4. I read your blog frequently, especially when looking for help in identifying shells and critters that we find while visiting Vancouver Island. I don't comment that much but wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your bog and all that you share. Thanks. Have a great day.

  5. Anonymous10:56 am

    Hello Susannah, sorry if you find a duplicating email. I'm not sure if I could receive your feedback so I just send another comment on your page. Again we really like a picture in your blog of a log on a beach surrounded by grass. And we hope that we can use it in a landscape architecture project in Vancouver. Please let me know if we could have your permission. Thank you.


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