Thursday, July 11, 2019

Twilight at Black Creek

It had been a cool, grey day; not raining, but likely to at any moment. I was busy, and not able to get out until after 7:30. But sunset doesn't come until after 9 these days, so I grabbed the camera and went out. Towards the south, a gap in the clouds allowed a few rays of sunlight to warm the trees; I headed that way. But as I went, the light moved south and south again, and then went out.

I found myself near Miracle Beach, passing a trailhead on Black Creek. I parked and went into the bush.

If the light was blue-grey out in the open, here under the trees it was twilight already. A green twilight.

Greens and browns. Present and visible here: evergreen trees (Douglas-fir, cedar), Big-leaf maple, red elderberry, thimbleberry, salmonberry, Vanilla leaf, evergreen ferns, huckleberry, mosses, Ocean spray (white patches in the distance, behind the trees). Not visible, but present; foam flower, salal, polypores.

The trails wind through the bush down Black Creek, connecting with Miracle Beach, the campsite, and two parking lots. When I came to the first parking lot, I turned back; it was already getting dark.

Red-belted polypore. I had to use flash for this; in the dark, it was a greyish blob.

Salal flowers.

At one point, the trail led underneath a canopy of Ocean spray. I'm short, and I had to dodge this one, at face height. Flash used.

In a dark corner on top of a stump, a brown and black mushroom, looking a bit the worse for wear. Flash, of course.

And on a future nurse stump, two baby evergreens in a blanket of moss.

Mossy snag. Out in the open, as I crossed the road to the second section of the trails. I still needed the flash.

8:49 PM. More moss. I call this a "zoo tree". I see mossy critters everywhere: a rabbit, a gopher, a frog, a sleeping sloth, a bird face, a big snake winding itself around the trunk.

A tree ladder, the lowest rung too high to reach. Why?

Black Creek. A wide spot; at other places, it's a trickle under a bed of ferns and fallen trees. From the road in, not the trails.

The rain started as I returned to the car. Just in time.


  1. Strange ladder. Maybe for some plant or animal long term observation? - Margy

    1. Could be. I couldn't find any info there, or on-line. I'll try visiting the Nature House at Miracle Beach to see if they have a guide for the interpretive trail. The tree is #6 on the trail, but that's all the information I've been able to turn up.


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