Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Cougar on Tyee Spit!

But he's ok; he doesn't bite.

"Chadwick Cougar": driftwood creation by local artist Alex Witcombe

I saw the first of these on the shore three years ago; a dinosaur taller than I am, dubbed (now I know; then I didn't) "Sheila the Velociraptor". There was no sign, no indication of who had made her, no signature anywhere. The artist wasn't advertising.

Later on, a raccoon appeared beside the highway. He's still there, and local wits dress him up, add hats, and for Canada Day, a flag. There's a harbour seal, an owl, a fox family which I still haven't seen.

And a couple of weeks ago, Chadwick Cougar appeared on Tyee Spit. I found him on a quick walkabout. He's life size, made entirely of driftwood (and screws), dabbed with paint in a cougar colour.

The artist lives in Courtenay, just south of here, and has a Facebook page, where more of his creations can be seen, along with a map. Most of them are close by, although he has a couple in Victoria, and another couple halfway up (from here) towards the northern tip of the island. I must go and see the Sasquatch over on Quadra Island.

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  1. Oh this is such an inventive way of using driftwood ... a talented artist and creative thinker, indeed!


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