Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tyrannosaurus rex

There's something inspiring about driftwood. People, from toddlers to ancients, seem compelled to rearrange it, to create something new of it. Fences around sandcastles, teepees or hideouts leaning on logs, shacks simple and complex, roofed or open to the sunshine, full-sized art installations, barricades and territorial markers, circular "rooms" with a fire pit at the centre, bagel holders, flagpoles (I saw one today with a purple t-shirt as a flag); all doomed to disappear with the next tide or the next winter's storms.

At sundown this evening, I met a driftwood dinosaur.

Young T-rex, human-sized, Stories Beach

He's built near the top of the intertidal zone, where only the worst storms will reach him. And his creator intends him to last: he's put together with many brass screws.

I don't know why he has a rock in his head.


  1. I suspect the rock is the eye and it slipped back from the knothole.

    Check out Deb Butterfield art work for the supreme master of found material conversion. She bronze casts her work. My friend had one of her horse sculptures and they have incredible life.

  2. I looked her up. Beautiful work!

  3. Very impressive. Does it appear like the sculpture was created from driftwood found on that beach?

    1. Yes, there's plenty of driftwood all along the top of the beach, more than enough to choose from.

  4. What fun! Creative driftwood builder there!

  5. Anonymous7:59 am

    just love your photos.. may I use some of them for my wallpaper ? Keep on Keeping on lady... you are awesome


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