Monday, November 12, 2018

Tree bones

Wind, salt, rain, blowing sand. Give them time, and they peel the thick bark off trees, snap off the branches, sandpaper the roots. Add a bit of moss and lichen and strew the resulting fantastic shapes all along the shore line and across the dunes. Ma Nature's modern art gallery.

Log, needles, lichen. And a sort of bird shape.

Standing statuettes, the innards of branch attachments. This wood seems to be tougher, more resistant to rot than the rest of the tree.

Log end and Big-headed sedge, turned yellow with the cold weather.

New tree, old tree, young tree.

Grandaddy stump, Saratoga Beach


  1. When I see old stumps below the high tide line, I wonder, has this tree always been partially immersed, or has the trunk been shuffling down the shore since it's death, or have sea levels risen (or probably all of the above)?

    1. That's an interesting question to consider. It may be also, that the sand has been leached out from under them, so they slide seawards. Or that they were brought up by the extra high winter tides and storms.
      Logged off somewhere up the coast, eroded until they fell into the water, and carried here? It seems strange that this one ended up standing in growing position, though.
      Just adds a little more to the mystery of these old giants.

  2. Wood is so beautiful. - Margy


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