Friday, April 24, 2009

These books you must -- must -- see!

I'm passing on a link from BugGirl's Blog: she found
"... this lovely artwork from BiblioOdyssey. It’s from a Ukiyo-e book from the late 1700’s."
There are 3 books; Insects, Shells, and Birds; and well over 100 paintings, each with its associated poem and translation.

There is even a bagworm page!*

This link takes you directly to the online museum exhibit. (You have Flash, right?)
"OMG is it beautiful." says BugGirl.
*Bagworm poem:
On a pitch-dark night
when one can't even guess
which way is East or West
the bagworm hides his lust
in a cloak of invisibility.
It wouldn't apply to Canadian bagworms, would it?


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  1. thank you for sharing this link; the images alone is worth hours of admiring!


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