Saturday, April 25, 2009

The long winter has ended!

All winter long, my garden sleeps in sunless shade. Sometime in the first week of April, the first rays of sunshine glance off the lawn, a few minutes at a time. Later, afternoon sun briefly touches the edge of the garden, and the potted honeysuckle, inspiring it to burst out in leaf.

And now, I have morning sun!

8 AM garden, with chickadee.

The first rays kiss my little juniper, and move on to highlight the Creeping Jenny, sneak through the Lily-of-the-valley patch, and settle on the violets for a few minutes.

Top o' the morning!

Then it moves on to waste itself fruitlessly on a bare wall, and shuts itself off in frustration. But it will be back in the afternoon, to encourage the sprouting perennials for half an hour.

We, my garden and I, are so grateful!

Begonia. Doesn't mind the shade; provides its own cheer.

I found this tiny wild violet around the corner, where the sun shines every day.


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