Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hard to believe

It's still February. Last year at this time, we were snowed under:

Snow in my maple tree, Feb. 23, 2014.

This year:

It's cherry blossom time!

Pink everywhere I look

The magnolias are starting to bloom

A tree full of white flames.

And today I took Laurie down to sit in the sunshine again, but it was so hot, even he had to move to the shade.

These last 4 photos are the swan song of my trusty little pocket Sony; it has now developed a bad smear of something inside the lens and I can't clean it. After 4 years of sand, salt spray and the occasional saltwater bath, rain, mud, sticky kid fingers, a few falls, and more sand blasting, it has earned its retirement.


  1. Isnt it amazing. I took my first Spring walk in Washington Park, , Anacortes. Waiting for calypso orchids and fawn lily. It will be interesting to see when they pop up.

    My first trusty camera had such a smear too. It was a very small wire in the area under the glass. I was sorry to see my little ELPH go. It was my favorite and I have never found one as good.

  2. We left this morning for Las Vegas to get some sun. We arrived to clouds and tonight and tomorrow it will be raining. If we are lucky, our last day here will be sunny. Should have stayed home I guess. -- Margy


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