Monday, February 23, 2015

New camera

One day without a pocket camera was one too many. I went out and bought another; a little Sony like the last one. This one is the DSC-WX350.

By the time I got it home and set up, it was too dark to take it for a run outside, so I took a few trial shots into the aquarium.

Red algae, a shred of sea lettuce, and the little blue anemone.

Hairy hermit.

Juvenile leafy hornmouth, bearing three very tiny baby blue anemones. 

One of the miniature orange hermits, on eelgrass.

So far, so good. It's about the same size as the one it replaces, but with better zoom. In this first test, it gives me good colour; difficult through algae-coated glass. It's fast, so it stops even walking hermits in their tracks. Unfortunately, the photos are noisy, and focussing is iffy on tiny things. But I do like its speed.

I won't be using it for my critters, though. The real test will be tomorrow: skies, stuff, buildings, roadsides, people.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how it does on birds in flight.

  2. The photos are beautiful, nice color and details. Looking forward to the next set.

  3. I bought this camera for my wife. Lots of nice features and the menus are similar to those on my DSLR equipment. Polly really likes the camera.

  4. I will check back as I want to see all the other new photos! Looks like a great camera, I also wonder how it does with birds or action shots. cheers.


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