Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Couldn't have planned it better. Serendipity works!

I was writing about our vacation trip up the Sunshine Coast and over to Vancouver Island, when I hit a major roadblock; from that one beach in Campbell River, we have hundreds upon hundreds of photos. Scenery, rock formations, seaweeds, birds, watery critters of all sorts, Laurie knee deep in the waves, trying to keep the camera dry while he photographs an elusive Melibe leonina ... (Note to self: next camera must be waterproof.)

I've been sorting every chance I get. And now, back to the beach.

We took the ferry from Powell River to Comox in mid-afternoon. By the time we were in the vicinity of Campbell River, it was supper-time. We were tired, hot, and hungry. We stopped at the first motel we saw with a "Vacancy" sign. The Edgewater. It was a small building surrounded by trees, two stories, with only 8 units, one with an Office sign on the door. Nothing fancy; no decor whatsoever, gravel driveway, flower pots hanging low from the overhang, one of which gave Laurie's head a hearty clout. But the price was right; almost half what we had paid at the Stonewater on the Sunshine Coast. And the room was non-smoking and clean. It would do.

We didn't discover the beach until the next morning. And then we decided to stay put for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow; the rocks. But for tonight, here's a pair of hermit crabs.

Small hermit in a pretty whelk shell.

I like those knobbly legs and pincer.

Hermit crab # 2. Yes, he's in there.

Checking out the territory. Cautiously.

"Looks safe enough. But I don't like this sunny rock."

And he scuttled over to the edge and dropped out of sight.



  1. Great pics - how's it going?

  2. Nice images! Love the knotty legs, pinchers and that red against the olive...plus the poking out to see what's going on. They make me laugh. Look forward to more of your images after you get some rest!

    I've been thinking "water proof" too! I'll be going on a canoe drift and the idea of not having my camera along is making me crazy. (The idea of getting it wet is crazy making too!)

  3. Hi, Jean. Life is difficult, but good, anyhow. So much to see and do! So many great friends and family members!

    Vickie; Trust your artist's eye to pick up on the great colouring!

    We were on the White Rock beach yesterday, at high tide, with a fair swell. Several times, the waves hit a rock and splashed us. Once, the spray went over my head; luckily I had my back turned.

    I think that waterproof camera may become a priority. Or at least a waterproof casing.


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