Saturday, September 25, 2021

Stump fungus

This was on the cut surface of an old stump.

Fungus on old wood.

It had rained the day before, and the stump felt dampish, but the fungus was wetter. The fungus was solid, but the ligher areas felt soft, like velvet. I couldn't detect any scent, other than wet wood.

Zooming in. The dark lumps were higher, about an inch deep, harder and drier.

I have no way to identify this.


Este hongo crece en la superficie cortada de un tronco viejo. No lo puedo identificar. Mide como 1 cm de hondo en las partes más claras, y 2 cm en las bolas. Había llovido el dia anterior, y la madera se sentía húmeda, pero el hongo, en las partes claras, estaba más húmedo. Todo es sólido, pero las partes claras tienen la textura de terciopelo.

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  1. Interesting fungus, we have had lots of stump fungus, mainly turkey tail fungus and black


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