Wednesday, November 13, 2019

View from Highway 28

Someone ripped up a bit of forest and left a mess. And for once, I'm not complaining. They left a view that wasn't there before.

Upper Campbell lake, distant peaks, nearby cottonwoods, November, 2019

The bare trees are maples; they've already lost most of their leaves. Now it's the cottonwoods' turn to warm up the blues and greens.

When Google went by, in 2011, the area closest to the highway had been logged off, but the shoreline and the lake were still masked by trees.

Google map photo, 2011, slightly tinted to render the mountain peaks visible. Taken by Google from the roadside point where I stood to take my photo.

I spent several hours trying to identify those two distant peaks. I think the one on the left may be Kings Peak. Google Earth let me get close, but refused to give me a name.

Google Earth view. Rocks and ice.

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