Friday, August 10, 2018

Dreaming of icebergs

It's too hot. Too #$@&%*! hot.

Granted, for the rest of the world, we have it good here in Campbell River, but it's all what you're used to, and what you have ways to cope with.

Today, it reached 31 degrees Celsius here. We're lucky; over on the mainland, not too far away, and north of here, in Lillouet, it was 38 today. The weather people have put out heat warnings; stay cool, people!

In BC, it used to be unusual to find air conditioning in homes. In 2001, only about 10% of households were air conditioned. In the last few years, that percentage has gone up to 34%, and growing. (Report by BC Hydro)

I looked up the historical records for Campbell River, and found these graphs:

Averages and maximums, 1981 to 2010, a few blocks from my house, just above the high tide line.

August is the hottest month, and in those 30 years, the maximum temperature was 23.3 degrees.

Going back further, 1961 to 1990. Maximum for this period: 22.4 degrees.

I grew up in this climate. No wonder I'm feeling the heat!

(In the middle of the stuffy night, I drowsily consider a move to Nunavut. [Photo by Clare Kines] [On Twitter]  Where the icebergs float in the bay, and the permafrost is just that: permanent. Come morning, I change my mind; it's too hot to think of packing.)


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  2. I like your Nunavut idea. Looks nice. We've had the hottest July on record (since the history of measuring such things) here in S CA. Climate change is scary stuff.

  3. Even there the heat is melting pack ice and icebergs. Times they are a'changin. - Margy


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