Saturday, August 11, 2018

Shallow Campbell River

When its hot, the river calls ...

The Campbell River, from a logging bridge. Zoom in; there are three fishermen and a rubber dinghy upriver. The river is quite shallow here, as it widens and spreads into a maze of creeks below the canyon.

The dinghy approaching the bridge, bouncing and splashing as it comes. Keeping cool.

And now, looking downstream. More fishermen; behind the trees are another half-dozen.

From what an avid fisherman tells me, nobody's catching any fish at this time of day, but the water is cool and the river is peaceful.

Above the river, on the bridge, the sun was baking my head and shoulders. I crossed and hurried into the bush. Photos tomorrow.

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  1. Good to see water in the river with a good flow. Powell Lake is dropping rapidly. I think they are making lots of electricity at the dam for people in the big city to run their air conditioners. We just had a nice boat trip through Seymour Narrows to stay in Browns Bay. We fished for salmon but no luck. - Margy


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