Thursday, January 04, 2018

Toyota brainstorm

My car sometimes runs on autopilot. I thought I was going inland to look for deep snow, but the car stopped at Oyster Bay Shoreline Park, where the snow didn't even top my shoes.

The car has good ideas, some days.

Afternoon light on trees, deciduous and evergreen. Looking inland, over the protected wild field.

Sit and rest awhile. The seat is cushioned.

Lichens (3 species) on cottonwood

I walked through the field and small patch of bush, then on to the south end of the shore.

All very peaceful. Quadra Island on the left, Mitlenatch on the right (the small, pale line just south of the barge), and the frozen mainland straight ahead.

Carex macrocephala, reduced to soft, yellow blades. But the treacherous seed cases still lie in wait on the ground, as sharp and stiff as ever. Two are visible here, near the upper left third lines.

On the shore, mounds of fresh bull kelp have been tossed up to freeze. The cold splits the thick-walled floats; I saw dozens like this. Usually, they dry intact. 

Grasses in the dunes just inland of the log jam.

And north to the far end of the bay, to look at the lagoon and its birds.

On the far spit, a flock of Canada geese sleep in the sunshine. Ducks, mostly mallards, wigeons, and mallard hybrids paddle slowly back and forth, though always just a bit faster than I could walk, trying to get closer.

I saw couple of loons, a few harlequin ducks, and diving ducks, these last always caught just as they disappeared underwater. Along the water's edge peeps small and large foraged. A few sparrows joined them in the drier areas; not a usual place for them, but their field and woods are under snow.

Black turnstone and frozen salt-tolerant plants.

Turnstones in flight show a dramatic pattern in black and white.

They almost look like butterflies here.

And back to the car, shortly before sunset. (At 4:29 PM.)

Last light on a snake-rail fence.
Good thinking, car! I enjoyed the walk!


  1. Yay! You could probably sell this to Toyota...
    That lichen on cottonwood? I used to have a charcoal jacket which I wore with a pale green shirt.

  2. Oooh love the snake rail fence picture

  3. Some very nice pictures!


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