Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tiny whites.

It pays to stop and sit on the ground, to crouch down to an ant's level; standing tall, we miss so much! These white gems in Kin Park, for example.

Field chickweed, Cerastium arvense, with Indian consumption plant. The larger leaves are Beach Pea, just getting ready to flower.

Another field chickweed, with tiny wasp (I think, because of the long antennae).

And yet another, almost the whole plant. None were taller than a hand's width.

Wild strawberry, with ant. I'm not sure of the tiny white cluster of flowers. A miniature in the Brassica family, maybe?

Another wild strawberry, another ant. But look closely: see the heart-shaped seed pods along the bottom of the photo?

The seed pods, or silicles, look like those of the Prairie Pepper-grass, Lepidium densiflorum. The flowers match and are the right size, but these plants were all barely taller than the moss. Looking closely, these seed pods show up in most of the photos above; the plants were everywhere, but so tiny that I never saw them until I blew up the photos.

Zooming in on the silicles. One stem, at centre bottom, is flowering.

And here's the moss, Roadside rock moss, with their white bristle tips. And a couple of busy ants.

Where the ground is a bit damper, English daisies bloom in a clover patch.

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