Monday, May 22, 2017

Crayon colours

At Kin Park, between the sandy beach with its log barrier and the mowed grass, lies a sandy meadow, dry and hot under the spring sun, wearing a patchwork cloak of yellow, purple, peach, pink and green. With red and black ants.

Indian consumption plant, Lomatium nudicale (yellow), and Sea blush, Plectritis congesta (pink). With three ants.

Sea blush.

Menzies' Larkspur, Delphinium menziesii.

More larkspur, with Indian consumption plant and red sorrel.

The Claytonia growing here is tiny, most under a couple of inches tall.

Claytonia with running ant, and seed pods.

Ant-level miniature, with additional pink flowers, unidentified. This is, at the most, an inch tall.

There were more flowers in that bit of meadow; I'll post them tomorrow.


  1. The larkspur is very pretty. You get around quite a bit. Have you ever been up the Stella and Pye Lakes area? We are planning to go there this summer. - Margy

    1. Maybe we can co-ordinate; I'd love to see you when you're here!

  2. I haven't been to either of those lakes yet. From fall to late spring, I stay off most of the gravel roads, because the potholes get really hungry. I will probably find my way to a few lakes in the area this summer.


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