Thursday, January 14, 2016

Squiggles and divers

The sun shone today, all day. The snow melted. Birds sang in the trees. I went out without my jacket; looks like spring*!

In the calm, shallow water between the docks and the shore, a mixed flock of diving birds was fishing among squiggly reflections of fishing boat masts.

Bufflehead landing on squiggles

Same set of reflections, different bufflehead.

A quick stretch before the next dive.

Common goldeneye.

There were several courting couples among the goldeneyes. They get started on the nesting season early.

Looking almost straight down from the bank. The rocks are covered with barnacles and limpets. I saw a few orange starfish, but no crabs; they're all hiding from the birds.

Pacific loon. These stayed nearer the open water at the end of the docks.

*Can't trust Campbell River weather; they're promising us freezing rain for tomorrow. It's a good thing I got in a long, long walk this afternoon. And I found a new favourite spot! More on that tomorrow.

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