Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hermit anemone?

The tribe of self-cloning anemones in my aquarium tank discovers new homesteading sites almost daily. First, it was the wall, then the pump, then seaweed and stones. Inside the pump came next; now I have to clean parts of it out with a small paintbrush instead of my long-handled scrubber. Then one moved to the shell of a hermit, where it prospers, fattening up on crumbs from hermit breakfasts.

Anemones ride the eelgrass blades, perch on the tip of brown algae, ride the snails.

Tonight, one took a leaf from the hermit crabs' game plan, and moved into a shell I had prepared for a growing hermit.

Lots of room for growth in here!

Hermits share their shells quite happily with assorted worms*, but I doubt they will extend the same welcome to an anemone firmly nailed down just inside the front door.

*Jointed three-section tubeworm in tip of hermit's chosen shell.

(*Also see the Red and white banded sea nymph, which lives in an occupied hermit shell.)

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