Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Group sculpture project

I've been sorting photos all afternoon and evening, cleaning and organizing the hard drive and storage, (working my way through 2010 today). And for a break, Laurie and I are sorting his paper photos, starting last week with the first ones from his disposable cameras, some 20 years ago.

What's that about "All things in moderation"? Never heard of such a concept!

I came across a photo that I loved, and thought I hadn't posted here. Looked it up in the archive, and I was wrong; it's here, in a post about shipworm. (Not a worm.)

Never mind; I still love the photo.

Carving by teredo clams, probably Bankia setacea, finishing by wind and waves.

Tomorrow, if the sun comes out again, I'm taking a break, attaching my new lens to the camera, and going out to load up on new photos. I've made space for them already.

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