Thursday, October 11, 2012

The quest

The hermit crabs in my salt-water aquarium are very tiny, but they're growing fast. And growth, for a hermit, means getting new clothes. I've provided them with a selection of empty shells, but just like growing kids, they have their own preferences.

I caught a couple of the hairy hermits involved in a discussion over a pretty white shell occupied by a green hermit. Brownie, in a boring mud snail shell, wanted to switch.

By the time I had the camera in hand, he had won, and Green was naked.

(Photos taken through algae-coated glass.)

"A perfect fit!" says Brownie.

And, "What shall I do?" says Green. Note the black belly, normally hidden in the shell.

"May I have your shell?"

"No, you certainly may not!" (Pulls hood over head.)

Brownie's discarded outfit.

"Does this fit me?

Taking its measure. Too big.

"Life's not fair! I can't run around in public like this!"

On with the search

Brownie, up in the eelgrass, watches, chortling.

"This one fits, but it isn't my style at all.  It'll have to do. For now."

Shopping time: 12 minutes. A long time for a tiny hermit to walk about in the nude.


  1. Hermits at Nordstroms


    the idea of a crab chortling just tickles me pink

  2. oh my Lord, that is SO CUTE! I want to mail that little guy his own tiny white castle. SO sweet. Poor little nudie. GREAT job w/narration. Hee. xo


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