Friday, September 23, 2022

Deciding on a name

 It's been a long, hot, dry summer here in the rainforest. But it rained last night, briefly and scantly. But it was rain! And today, the skies are our normal grey, the humidity is 85%, and it's 13°C. Feels like fall, finally!

I'm still searching for spiders for Arachtober. Meanwhile, here's Lake Nameless.

Green water, with hidden heron.

This is from last April, while the salmon berries were just putting out their first leaves. The lake is beside the route to Brown's Bay, one of two lakes too small to earn names. This one, from Google maps, has a sort of dolphin shape; should I rename it Dolphin Lake?

Google maps image.

I was trying to get close enough for a photo of a heron, but I took one step into that salmonberry thicket, and immediately sunk up to my ankles in sticky mud. I managed to escape without losing a shoe; I was lucky. Maybe I should name it Booby Trap Lake, instead.


Ha sido un verano largo, caluroso, y seco aquí en los bosques pluviales de la isla. Pero, por fin, llovió anoche. Unos momentos de lluvia escasa, pero sí que fue lluvia. Y hoy el cielo es del color normal: gris. La humedad está a 85 porciento, y la temperatura es 13°. Empieza a tener señales de otoño. ¡Ya era hora!

Sigo buscando arañas para el mes de Arachtober.  Por mientras, aquí está una foto de un laguito sin nombre. Esto es en el mes de abril pasado, cuando las primeras hojas de "salmonberry" arbustos apenas brotaban. El lago está situado al lado del camino a Brown's Bay, uno de dos laguitos tan pequeños que no han recibido nombre. Este, mirado en Google Maps, parece un delfín; creo que le llamaré Lago Delfín.

O tal vez no. Trataba de llegar a la orilla para sacar una foto de una garza, pero al dar un solo paso bajo esos arbustos, me hundí hasta los tobillos en lodo pegajoso. Logré escapar sin perder un zapato; tuve suerte. Tal vez sería mejor llamar el lago "Trampa Cazabobos"


  1. I did some 10 minutes of digging (including what I'd presume to be the authoritative source - ) , but couldn't find any other source that listed the name of that lake. You could just submit a name of your creation to Google Maps and see whether it sticks. Or, you could visit Brown's Bay and ask around to see if anyone knows the name of the lake, and submit that to BC Geographical Names. Btw, if you look at the lake in Bing Maps, it has an eyespot to make it look even more like a dolphin/orca.

    1. I like that idea! I'll submit the name to Google Maps.


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