Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Red crowns

Columbines, growing in a ditch with their roots in the water.

Western (Red) Columbine, Aquilegia formosa

"Formosa" is from the Latin, "beautiful". And "Aquilegia" refers to eagles, possibly because of the spikes that look like talons. To me, though, the flower looks more like a crown.

These are one of my favourite flowers, usually found mixed in unobtrusively with other vegetation, always near water.

The red outer part of the flower are the sepals; the petals are the yellow tips of the tubes.

Columbine with hiding critter.


Estas flores son aquileñas, (Aquilegia formosa). Estaban creciendo en una zanja, con las raices en el agua.

Son una de mis flores favoritas. Crecen cerca del agua, mezcladas con otras plantas, casi escondidas.

El término "formosa" viene del latín, y quiere decir "hermosa". "Aquileña" se llaman porque, según dicen, la parte superior se parece a las garras de una águila. Para mí, en cambio, la flor parece una corona.

Las partes rojas no son pétalos, sino sépalos; los pétalos son las partes amarillas de los tubos. 


  1. In NZ, when I was a child, they were known as "Granny Bonnets."


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