Friday, March 27, 2020

Just a rainy hilltop

I had gone to look at the beaver pond, then because paths were so much easier to find without all the summer growth of ferns and grasses and hardhack, I explored the hillside above the pond. I followed a path through the forest that will be invisible in the summer, but now is only treacherous because of the trailing blackberry vines on the ground, catching at ankles and toes with each step.

The trail went up to the top of a ridge, then dipped into the next valley. But I had to turn back; the earlier Scotch mist had turned into sprinkles, and by now it was raining steadily. A light rain, but persistent. By the time I reached the car, my jacket was soaked.

This was the last photo before the camera had to go inside my jacket out of the rain.

Mixed vegetation; evergreens, alders, grasses, and Scotch broom, even up here.


El bosque en la lluvia.

Había ido a visitar la laguna de los castores, y entonces, porque era tan fácil encontrar camino ahora sin todos los helechos y spirea que esconden el suelo en el verano, fuí a explorar el cerrito tras la laguna. Seguí un sendero entre el bosque que no hubiera visto en el verano, pero que ahora no presenta ningún problema aparte de las enredaderas de zarzamora autóctona que tratan de tumbarme, agarrando mis pies y tobillos con cada paso.

Cuando empecé a caminar, era entre una neblina espesa, pero mientras iba subiendo, se volvía lluvia, ligera al principio, pero persistente. Cuando regresé al carro, mi chaqueta estaba empapada.

Esta fue la última foto que pude tomar antes de esconder la cámara, ya mojada.

A Skywatch post.

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  1. I had a little sky water this morning about 3AM. Not much to see. Just enough to get me out of bed and into the bathroom. ;-)


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