Saturday, March 28, 2020

Waterfront home

The old beaver lodge. Where last summer I struggled to find safe footing among the ferns, now before the spring growth starts, it was an easy walk. I tiptoed up to within about 4 metres from the back door; no more, not wanting to startle the beavers.


I saw no beavers, but there were many alder branches with tooth marks on the path across the lagoon. The red inner bark is their favourite food.


La vieja madriguera de los castores. El año pasado, apenas pude acercarme por los arbustos y helechos, ahora fue un camino fácil. Me acerqué cautelosamente hasta unos 4 metros; no más, para no espantar a la familia de castores.

No vi ningún castor, pero alrededor había muchos palos de aliso con marcas de sus dientes. La corteza interior del aliso rojo (y la corteza es un rojo fuerte) es la comida favorita de los castores.

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  1. I think about all the people and places back home in BC. If we were there, getting out in nature would be much easier. We chose to stay in Bellingham for easier medical access if needed. Next week I'm going to include a picture of a beaver dam that was built just below our city condo in a small riparian zone right out our back door. The beaver were fun to watch, but the city was worried about flooding from backed up water so they were captured and relocated (hopefully). - Margy


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