Monday, June 10, 2019

Underwater at Brown's Bay, take 2

It's been three years since I visited Brown's Bay. That day, the water was calm, the surface still. On the plastic floats underneath the docks, I found a collection of plumose anemones and other tentacled critters.

This time, I saw them again, but the tide was coming in, the water racing, the docks rocking, and the wind ruffled the surface; the white anemones were visible only as whitish blurs, the rest of the underwater communities almost invisible. But there were a few sheltered spots, between boats and the dock, under the edges of the restaurant's outdoor seating. And I found something (I think) that's in all the books, but that I have never seen before.

Under a much-faded bumper ball, a group of what I think must be goose-neck barnacles. With magenta lips.

The assorted kelps attached to the underside of the restaurant float made a pleasant contrast to the deep greens of the water.

Seersucker kelp (top right) and (maybe) broad-winged kelp, with a fringe of another seaweed.

Deeper underwater, bull kelp and much-frayed blades of another one or two kelps.

Moon jelly.

In deeper shade, on the back side of a float, a few white plumose anemones, a large barnacle, other anemones (the ones I saw in 2016 had red stripes on a beige column. It's too dark to see them here. 

The gravel road in is much improved since the last visit; there are a few potholes, but nothing big enough to swallow a tire. I'll plan a drive down again soon.

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  1. We spent a night in our boat last year at Brown's Bay. We were in the slip at the end of the dock next to the fish processing plant. We saw lots of lights after midnight and watched a boat offload. We will probably head back there this summer if Johnstone Strait cooperates. - Margy


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