Saturday, August 27, 2016

Testing, testing, Part II

Under the docks at Brown's Bay.

It had been a bright, sunshiny day. In town, everything seemed sharp-edged, colours washed out to whites and off-whites. By supper time, I'd had enough, and headed north, out of town to the greens and the browns, and the cool of the evening. On a whim, I turned off at the Ripple Rock sign, and drove down to Brown's Bay. Maybe I'd have supper in the restaurant there.

There was no "cool of the evening" in Brown's Bay, yet. There were a few hours to go to sunset, and the light shimmered off the water, making me squint. (I'd forgotten my sunglasses in the car, and was too stubborn to go back for them.) Most of the boats in the marina were white, glaring, dazzling, featureless white.

Looking straight out to the breakwater. Vivid setting; a bit more saturated than what my sun-dazed eyes registered, and not as sparkly.

There was darkness and coolness down below the docks, but the contrast was too strong: I could make out vague white shapes down there, see the rings tiny fish made as they sampled the dust floating on the surface. When I was right above them, I could see the fish.

I couldn't see anything on the camera screen. I took photos anyhow.

Those vague white things, Plumose anemones. The camera on the Vivid setting saw them much better than I did.

A few of the fish, and two varieties of large kelp. (Broad-winged and Seersucker kelp?)

The docks float on these blue plastic tubs, home to a community of anemones, worms, mussels, and limpets. And, I think, a few green sea urchins.

The restaurant was noisy and crowded; I'd have to sit outside. In the sunshine. No. I got back in the car and drove to Sayward for a sandwich. The sun was setting as I drove home.

Brown's Bay is just north of Ripple Rock.

I'm pleased with the results using the Vivid setting, at least for underwater life. I've been testing it today with spiders and crickets; I'll post some of those tomorrow.

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