Monday, February 04, 2019

Mostly tiny umbrellas

These are the rest of the "ordinary" mushrooms from the Canyonview Trail. (Note: "ordinary" does not mean "boring" nor does it detract from their beauty. It's just that they're there, everywhere, behind every log, in every patch of decomposing maple leaves, pushing through every moss blanket.)

Probably Mycena sp. With two species of moss, Beaked Oregon, and possibly
Electrified Cat's tail. And more of that powdery stuff.

On the ground with moss. I think the one at upper left is the Coastal Leafy moss.

Another moss, another umbrella. Palm tree moss, maybe?

A greyer variety. On moss and Bigleaf maple leaves.

A larger mushroom, on a mossy log.

On the end of a log, an outbreak of Red-belted polypores. Are the glossy black lumps older reds, or are they a different species altogether? I don't know. The woods are full of mystery!

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