Sunday, February 03, 2019

More white stuff

I've paged through my mushroom and slime mold books over and over, and can't identify these.

On the underside of a log

This was the largest of a series of patches of a white and cream growth, soft and moist, with pink spots in the thicker areas. Fungus? Slime mold? I don't know.

A closer look. 

And then there's this:

White and green powders

Many of the stumps and trees along the Canyonview Trail are covered with a fine white or green powder, spreading itself sometimes over the whole stump. In the photo above, it's even growing on the spider webs. Another one I can't identify.

On a small, broken twig lying on the ground, I found these white mushrooms growing:

Top view. Fanning out from a side stalk. The moss shows the size.

And the view from underneath. The curve at the left is my thumb.

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