Monday, June 11, 2018

On Willow Point

The beach sometimes looks bare. A sprinkle of sand on sandstone, a few scattered rocks, a smear of sea lettuce, leftover tidewater; not much else.

Willow Point beach, looking towards Quadra Island and, in the distance, the mainland.

But slow down, crouch, look underneath rock overhangs, behind the stones ... the barren beach is full of life and colour.

Purple starfish, clinging to the bottom of a rock. With pink-tipped green anemones for company. And limpets and barnacles, of course.

An assortment of seaweeds. Green sea lettuce, yellowish rockweed, one (or two?) of the many stringy, bushy brown algae. a blob of sea cauliflower, and tasty-looking succulent seaweed, Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii. (I love that name!)

Sea cauliflower with a garnish of sea lettuce, accompanied by rockweed leaves and brown alga shreds.

Rocks and mounds of brown algae, crawling with hermits and crabs, isopods and snails. Good feeding grounds for a pair of mallards, now leaving their unfinished dinner in haste because of that pesky photographer. (They came back as soon as I walked away.)


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