Thursday, October 19, 2017

Feels like home

It has been two years (and 4 days, to be exact) since I moved to Campbell River. And, though I still miss the Lower Mainland and the wide beaches of Boundary Bay, I'm glad I'm here. Every day, no matter what the weather, or what tasks I have ahead, I find myself smiling as I head out on my errands. There's always the water, always the trees and the latest colours, always the wide sky, always a hope of seeing a deer, or the seals playing off-shore.

Today, it has been stormy and wet again. But out in the Strait, whitecaps foamed around the tip of Quadra Island, and wispy mists streamed over the tree tops. On land, trees danced in the wind, dressed in their merry reds and yellows for fall; even the streets are carpeted in old gold. An eagle rested on the tip of a swaying fir, like an old-timer in her rocking-chair.

These leaves are from last October; today I was in a rush and left the camera at home.

Magnolia leaf, October 17, 2016

Central vein


  1. Happy 2 year anniversary, Susannah! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and stories with us, revealing a natural history of BC that few of us see.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful place to call home. Happy Anniversary there!


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