Friday, October 20, 2017

Why is it

... that cats love boxes?

Or anything box-like. This week, Chia has been found in a waste-basket, the grocery bag I just emptied, the basket I store books to donate in, my new boot basket, my spare bedding box, and the cupboard I'd just taken the flash attachment out of.

"You knocked?"

And underneath a kitchen cart, too.

Schrodinger picked the right animal to put in his quantum box. Except that the cat has nine lives, so she is always alive.

(The camera sees. I should have dusted the inside of the door frame. Dings and scratches are ok; this cupboard was my grandmother's in her honeymoon house; it's entitled. But the dust is my fault. It's gone now.)


  1. Anything cave-like must seem very safe. Chia really is such a beautiful kitty cat. About that dust, I think furniture with such history should have bits of dust!

  2. My first comment was sent into The EtheroftheUnknown by my Chia look-alike as she reached out to touch the screen...
    That comment said that cats know more than Schrodinger.

  3. I love your posts about Chia. Cats are so inquisitive. We went on vacation once and my uncle came to cat sit for me but he couldn't find her and she never came out to eat. After two days he finally heard her in my dresser drawer. Seems she crawled in and hid in the back while I was packing. Good thing she finally said something and he found her. - Margy


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