Sunday, April 09, 2017

Sun and snow

It was raining again. As usual, these days. And it was windy, too; from my front window, I could see froth on the waves in the channel. I wrapped the camera in plastic and took it for a drive.

The clouds seemed lighter to the south, and away from the coast, so I took the upper highway, and was rewarded, after about 50 kilometres, by pale sunlight filtering through a fine rain. A crossroads gave me a choice; upward and inland, I could see smidgens of blue sky. I took that road. It lead to the Mount Washington ski hills. And up at the top, the sun was shining. The air was still and warm; I barely needed a jacket.

From an upper parking lot, looking back towards the road I came in on.

Snow so snowy white, small trees at this height (5520 ft), and ski tracks.

I like these shadows.

Lichen growing on the downhill side of a tree. And a coating of ice on that side only.

Squiggly icicles.

I was intrigued by the cut edges of the snow cover. The lower strip shows repeated trips by the snowplows, but how did the upper strip get there?

Halfway down the mountain again, I stopped at a viewpoint to look over the Comox valley.

The sun is shining down there!

At the bottom of the hill, I turned north and homeward, into the wind and rain. No sunshine for us!

A Skywatch post.

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  1. Beautiful vista, that first shot. I've been to Washington in summer, but never this time of year, though I can see the peak across the strait from my front window.


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