Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Valentine's Day coming up

At this time of year, our birds are decked out in their brightest, showiest colours, getting ready for the spring parties. These were hanging out at the Campbell River estuary.

Mallards resplendent in green, purple, turquoise and chestnut, busily grooming. Gotta look good!

Quieter tones; female wigeons. The male shows off with a bright green stripe down the side of his face.

Mallards pair off in the fall.

A couple of female mallards, hiding their blue/turquoise speculums.

Goldeneye in the distance. I like the stripy water.

Red-breasted merganser, with her spiked hairdo. Her mate will have a dark green head and red eyes. Both their bills are orangey red; here, the colour is too dark to be seen against the light.

Up in the parking lot, the pigeons were hanging out, the males strutting, puffing out their chests: "Look at me! Me! I'm coo-coo-cool!"

Iridescent purple and green scarf, grey wings.

No two pigeons are alike. This one has an interesting wing pattern.

Suddenly, the whole flock takes off at once with a rustle and clap of wings, flies around and around swiftly, then peacefully settles a few metres away from the starting point.


  1. I can identify with the Merganser.Especially first thing...

  2. I saw a female and two male Common Mergansers near the cabin last week. I think they stick around throughout the winter because I see them off and on, especially females and immature males (all with the brown heads). - Margy


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