Sunday, February 26, 2017

Icy lakes

The snow was gone here in Campbell River. I drove inland, crossing the island to see what it was like away from the warmth of the coastal waters. The snow still lay deep and frozen hard on the ground. Small ponds were frozen over; running water, in the ditches and creeks was still liquid.

And the lakes were  half and half.

Echo Lake. Snow on ice, melting at the edges under a warm sun.

Snakehead Lake.
I could walk on top of the frozen snow, but I don't think I'd try walking on that ice. It looks thin, somehow.

And it snowed again last night, covering my primulas again. Will winter never end? This time last year, I had forsythia blooming by my window, and the parks were bright with crocuses and snowdrops.


  1. Not a good idea to venture out, especially if you were alone. - Margy

  2. Winter never happened here in the Midwestern US. We just have had a three-month extended period of March weather.

    1. It's been a strange winter everywhere.


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