Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stones or Turnstones?

Walking along a rocky shore in the winter, I am often startled when the rocks ahead take flight. As they speed out over the water, they become peeps with flashing wings. Among the rocks and rotting eelgrass, they had been nearly invisible.

Black Turnstone, winter dress. Against blue water, he is easy to see.

Among the rocks, not so much. The colours match the white barnacle patches and the deep brown of old eelgrass.

And from a bit of distance, they blend in to the background. There are ten turnstones in this photo. Do you see them?


  1. Love seeing the Black Turnstones there. And yes, it took me a while but I saw all ten of them. Such a beautiful photo.

  2. Natural camouflage, probably especially important this time of year. - Margy


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