Friday, January 13, 2017


The weather is off-kilter. Up north, they're having a heat wave. In Bella Coola, where I used to live, it should be double digits below zero (Celsius). Instead, it's raining. It's raining in Alaska! There are large areas in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, up by the Arctic Circle, where the temperature is above zero, in spots in the double digits.

And here, in the mild South country, it's freezing hard. Minus 7 here in Campbell River, -8 (Celsius) in Vancouver this morning.*

I went for a walk on the beach, looking for birds. I found ice.

A scrap of Turkish towel seaweed, with ice crystals. Not snow. For some reason, the stones resist the cold while the seaweeds freeze.

I'll have more photos, and even a few chilly birds, tomorrow.

*The weather pundits say the trend is upward; we'll be seeing some of the ice melting next week.


  1. I have never been so happy to hear 50 and rain forecast for tuesday

  2. That's a perfect name for that seaweed. We are going to Vancouver next week for the boat show. Looks like we are in for a dumping of rain while we try to walk around town. - Margy

  3. Yes, I saw that you're giving a presentation at the boat show. Good stuff! I hope the rain holds off until you're home again. At least it will be warmer.


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