Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Red-tipped reindeer lichen

I had so much fun taking photos of Cladonia lichen at home, that I brought home a stick populated with reindeer lichen to add to my collection.

Up close, it turns out to have red tips (apothecia, or fruiting bodies) to each branch.

The branches split two or three ways, then split again, and again at the very tip.

And the stalks are speckled with green scales (squamules).

Up to about 5 stalked fruiting bodies at the tip of each branch.

Out in the field, the lichen is such a pale green that it almost seems white in the sunshine, and the red tips are invisible.

Reindeer lichen on a log with Cladonia. Some clusters of reindeer lichen in this area grow up to a foot deep and would fill an armload.

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  1. The ledge on the cliff next to our cabin is covered in reindeer moss. I love the look of it mixed with the green from red bryum moss. - Margy


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