Thursday, November 03, 2016

Spots on a log

Beside the path on Tyee Spit, there's a big, old log. I walk past it, barely giving it a quick glance; old wood, holes and cracks, small patches of moss, weeds trying to get a footing; nothing much to see, I think.

I was wrong. I stopped to look at a dusting of yellow jellies, and discovered much more.

Yellow and orange jellies. And three white dots.

I wondered about the white dots, and went around the log, taking photos of dots; spots too small for my eyes to distinguish details. The camera sees better than I do. See:

Bird's nest fungi!

I don't know what to call these. Cups full of rising dough?

Could this be one of the same species? And the hole where one broke off?

Could these be related to the cannonball fungus, which grows its spores in a ball and expels the whole ball with force (up to 17 ft. away) when they're ripe?

Yellow fingers. The largest is about 1/4 inch long.

A different kind of bird's nest fungi. With Cladonia lichen.

It's raining again. Cats, dogs, and the occasional small fish. And I've discovered another prime mushroom site. Rain, rain, go away! Please!

More Tyee Spit mushrooms tomorrow.


  1. You are encouraging me to look closer at "normal" things in the landscape. I love your photos!!

  2. Small orange jellies have started growing on a piece of driftwood I found years ago and put on the cabin deck as a decoration. Not sure where the spores came from, but they are sprouting all over it now - Margy

  3. There are very few good books on micro fungi, lichens, liverworts etc. which makes identification and understanding difficult. I think lichens are especially fascinating - many of them almost indestructible, able to lie dormant for decades then spring back to life when conditions are right.


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