Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Shy cormorants

Far down the beach, a rock full of cormorants beckoned.

20 cormorants visible on this side of the rock.

As I approached, although only two flew away, there seemed to be fewer birds on the rock.

13 cormorants.

The tide had gone out by the time I arrived to a point opposite the rock. The cormorants seemed a bit nervous about me.

9 cormorants. And what is that one doing?

Zooming in. It looks like he's holding his head upside-down. And then he righted himself, and dropped out of sight.

7 cormorants. And one gull, now that there's space on the tip of the rock.

When I had walked back a fair distance, farther out from the shore now that the tide was lower, I turned to look at the rock. All the cormorants were still there, but they were jammed together on the seaward side.

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