Monday, January 04, 2016

Jittery log jam

All along the shore yesterday, a fresh batch of logs and smaller driftwood was piled deep, still wobbly, still settling in. It was quite a scramble to get down to the beach itself, and it didn't help that the logs were iced over wherever the sunshine hadn't touched them.

Gull, not appreciating my company.

This particular stack reached from the sea walk right into the water, and was about 8 feet deep. I climbed it, attempting to get a better angle on the oystercatchers' rock, and stood between those two lower logs. And was scared off; the logs kept vibrating, as if a truck were running along beside them.

There was nothing there; just empty road, empty sea walk, the logs, and the empty beach. The last log, a long one at the bottom of the heap, reached well out into the water. I think the vibration came from the waves pushing against it, and the log bouncing back with enough force to move the whole superstructure.

I took a couple of photos up there, trying not to lean on a bouncing log, and then started to worry about the pile snapping together, trapping me between logs, so I climbed down and contented myself with ground-level photos. At least the beach wasn't shaking.


  1. The things that you'll go through "just to see what's on the other side", Susannah! I hope that I'll be as agile as you.

  2. :) I hope you will be, too! I hope you'll do me one better!


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