Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Snow day

It started to snow around noon. I packed up the camera, got my coat on, and headed for the shore. I passed the oystercatchers, still on their same rock, still huddled together, but finding no warmth from the sun today. A bit further on, a heron stood on a smaller rock, neck hunched down between his shoulders, wings held down to cover his legs. Herons are good at looking miserable. They practice. The ducks around this guy gave him the lie; they were happily diving or just swimming about; a bit of fluffy cold water in the air is fine with them.

Taken from the car window, keeping the camera out of the snow for now. Sea and sky are a uniform grey; it's hard to tell where the mountains are, in between.

Zooming in. A cormorant stands on his own rock off to the left. The small birds are hard to identify in this light; they're mostly black, with patches of white or grey. One, facing me, has a yellowish beak.

I watched birds all the way down to Willow Point and back, stopping wherever I could see a parking spot under the snow. The clouds dropped lower until anything out on the water was lost in a grey mist; the world ended at the log jams.

View from a parking space at Frank James Park.

Rose hips with snow caps.

Cushioned concrete bench, looking out to grey fog.

Just grass.

More rose hips.

Looking back towards the hills. Only the nearby houses and trees are visible; the hill beyond has been swallowed up by fog.

The camera was getting wet. The snow was starting to melt as it fell on my windshield. Time to go home.


  1. We are on a short vacation down south so missed all the beautiful snow. Thanks for sharing it. - Margy

  2. So you even got snow there. We've had our fair share this winter.

  3. Burrrrrrr! but beautiful!


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