Friday, December 12, 2014

They are what they eat

It's wet and rainy, and the days are dark. Our weather people tell us to expect 2 hours of sunshine tomorrow. Watery sunshine it will be, at best. My garden is mourning.

Down on the beach, the seaweeds we see all summer are gone, ripped up, dead, or in some sort of hibernation. This last visit, I found one shredded piece of sea lettuce, one rotting rockweed. But the high winter tides and the storms brought in large sheets of Turkish towel, and two different red algae, which I've planted in the aquarium.

And all my critters are eating red veggies, and turning pink, to match their new diet.

One of the red algae, growing on an old clamshell.

One of the little white-fleshed (normally) Nassa snails, between two different red munchies. Only his siphon retains the usual hint of cream.

One of the little orange hermits, now sporting pink and violet tones around the mouthparts.

The crabs refuse to eat that red stuff; they're still green and white. Or grey and black, in the case of the tiny black-clawed crabs.

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  1. I guess it's true, you are what you eat. - Margy


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