Monday, February 24, 2014

White stuff

The weather gods are capricious this year; undecided, wishy-washy. It's spring, no it's winter, no - spring. How about a bit of rain; not too much; or should the sun be shining now? Hey, let's freeze everything again; why not? People are out in shorts and t-shirts already; can't have that! Make it snow!

It's been snowing for the last two days, mostly small, wet flakes, not quite melting as they fall, switching over to big, lazy blobs, then back to frozen Scotch mist again. It's been enough to pile up 6 inches of snow on the bird bath, and bend down the branches of the maples. They're promising us another day of it, before the thermometer takes another flying leap upwards.

We made it a lazy day, only venturing into the back yard to take a handful of photos.

Loaded maple branches

The cedars shed the snow; the maple doesn't

We had to laugh at my heron's hat.

Junco on the suet cake

Sweet William. Never minds the cold.

Tall evergreens across the street.

The way it's going, it's probably time to dig out my summer duds.


  1. Looks gorgeous! I'd love just one of those sticky snowfalls decorating the woods instead of this arctic whit stuff!

  2. It has been one very crazy winter. I'll be glad when a mild spring begins, if that ever really happens. I love the artwork heron.

  3. And it snowed all day today, too. Knocking off snow on the garden, Laurie discovered a Daphne flowering underneath.


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