Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good excuses

Why it takes us an hour to walk one kilometre, on flat sand. It's easy going, with nothing to slow us down.

Boundary Bay, with Mount Baker, at low, low tide.

But we keep stopping to take another photo.

Clam in a tidepool, with refracted light, through a few inches of water.

Empty clamshell

Crab molt

Foot long polychaete worm, from my tank, returning to home base.

In every tidepool, hundreds of tiny, darting fish fled at our approach. These ones were "escaping" from Laurie, while I stood off to the side, without moving, except for my shutter finger.

Feather, pink and brown clam shell, worm poop, bird footprint, and a few sandy snails. As found.

Detail of feather. Worth clicking to see the tips full size.

Wave-carved sand patterns

Lugworm egg case. Most are large oval bags; this one is almost round. With worm hill and poop.

Tiny Baltic macoma shell. Most of the ones on this beach are pink. Very fragile; half the ones I bring home don't make it.

Speckled stone, with dwarf eelgrass, Zostera japonica. The stem just to the left of the stone has a row of seeds in a half sheath.


  1. You walk just like me - slow, with a camera. The close-up of the feather is amazing!

  2. I know whereof you speak!
    When we're walking, though, hubby keeps getting in the way of my photo-op.
    Beautiful photos. You inspire.

  3. lovely pictures as always

    consider an egg carton for toting home delicate shells

  4. Our Bellingham place is on Bakerview Road, but from there we can only see a tip. The view from up north is so much better. The water is so clear! Makes for a beautiful photo. - Margy

  5. Thanks, all!

    Upupaepops; an egg carton is a great idea! Or maybe I'll start carrying one of those daily pill sorters for the tiny shells.

  6. And thank goodness that it does take you so long!!! I can't get to the beach, so this is the closest I can get...

  7. Judy, I know what you mean; when I lived inland (too many years), I used to dream of the tides ...


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