Friday, August 30, 2013

Brief encounter

I found this yellow moth on a wall, stuck in a spider's web. I rescued him, and brought him in to recover.

Once he'd calmed down, I thought he might consent to a photo shoot. "Ok", he says reluctantly, "but only for a minute."

One wing, the one caught in the web, has lost many of its feathers.

Nice feathered antennae

"And now," he says, "I must leave you. Things to do, yanno?"

I turned around to adjust the light. When I turned back, he was gone.


  1. That last shot really shows his personality. The other day we were sitting on our deck watching the space between us and Goat Island. I thought a seagull was coming our way, but the flight pattern wasn't right. I was amazed when I discovered it was a large white (or light coloured) butterfly heading up to the forest. - Margy

  2. Love the feathered antennae!

  3. Wow, gorgeous. I LOVE those feathery antennae. I assume that means it's a male...

  4. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Love the photos in this post! The moth looks like it has so much personality.

  5. Margy, that must have been a big butterfly! I wonder what kind it could have been.

    biobabbler, yes, I think he's a male. Still haven't identified the species, though, so I could be wrong.

  6. Amazing detail!!! I love those antennae!!!


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