Friday, May 31, 2013

There are always leftovers

Whether it's food or photos we're talking about, there's always something put aside for "tomorrow". Which rarely comes.

These are some photos that got left behind this month, in no particular order.

Unidentified fly, parked on my glass door.

Small, unidentified crucifer, down at shoe-height. Beach Grove


Another unidentified flower, on a tall shrub. Burnaby Foreshore Park

Towering cottonwoods in Burnaby Foreshore Park

Big, fat worm. Secret Garden, Beach Grove

Another bee with thimbleberry flowers, Elgin Heritage Park

"Ductile iron". Valve on abandoned pump, Burns Bog

"Tiger and Wolf". Old pavement, Burns Bog

Crabapple, possibly. Elgin Heritage Park

Bleeding hearts, Elgin Heritage Park. I like the little, lacy heart in the centre of the top bud.

Hearts sent to Clytie, at Random Hearts.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you dragged these pictures out, rather than leaving them behind. Lovely collection! Your blog often inspires me to take pictures of things I might not otherwise look at.

    The flower on a tall bush looks a lot like a Spirea of some variety to me.


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