Monday, January 07, 2013

Rambling post, with lost monkey

It's been a bookish couple of days. I finished the Terry Pratchett book my grand-daughter brought me, got a few hours sleep, and then we went to one of our favourite second-hand book stores, Renaissance Books, where I bought another DiscWorld book. Thief of Time. I had forgotten reading it, until I was half-way through the first chapter, but these are always re-readable and thought-provoking; I finished it last night.

On that same outing, we dropped into Black Bond Books at the mall, where I picked up a good Rocks and Minerals guide; the one we had here was so old that the price on the cover was 60 cents (1955). Today's version cost me 15 times that.

And then I spent the better part of my so-called "sleeping" hours reading that. I learned a few things I should have realized years ago; I'll be writing about them soon.

And now, where was I before I got side-tracked?

Boundary Bay, while it wasn't actually raining. Besides fog and peeps, there were also (back on shore) mushrooms and other delights:

Cladonia lichen on rotting fence.

Same fence, same species, but in a different stage. Leafy cladonia.

On a wet driftwood log, there were three pink mushrooms. I can't remember seeing these before.

Next log over. Orange jelly balls. I haven't noticed those little greyish buttons on the lights streak just above them. I wonder if they're another stage in the orange jelly life, or something else altogether. So many mysteries in the 'shroom families!

Not a mushroom. This little guy was sitting damply on a blackened stump by the roadside. I hope his owner found him before he turned moldy.

And another mystery: about Blogger and photos. I resize all the photos to the same size and pixels per inch before I load them to Blogspot. Sometimes when I click on the photo, it takes me to a copy the same size as the blog post display. Sometimes, it gives me a humongous pixel-by-pixel photo, and sometimes about three-quarters of a screen. Deleting the photo and re-loading sometimes helps, but not always. In this post, I get all three sizes out of identically-sized photos, even though I re-loaded two of the smaller samples. Why? Does anyone understand this?

Or maybe it only happens on my computer. Does it work that way on yours?


  1. love your mushrooms/lichens, something I hope to learn to ID someday.

    All the pictures come out large when I click on them.

  2. love your mushrooms/lichens, something I hope to learn to ID someday.

    All the pictures come out large when I click on them.

  3. Thanks, Sara! It's probably an issue with my computer, then.


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