Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hooray for snow!

We finally got some snow! And it hasn't rained on it yet! It's melting, but maybe enough will stay put to settle over the mulch of maple leaves on our garden, and keep it warm for the rest of the winter. I'm hoping.

It's been too dark around here for the BirdCam; no sun, dusk-like conditions all day, every day. But today, light flooded my little shady corner, and I set the camera out for the day.

Juncos, juncos, juncos; usually moving too fast, always too dark without flash, but washed out by the reflections from the snow with flash. Chickadees and a few sparrows, mostly flying away.

But a brave towhee came in close to get the seeds I put out for them. And my faithful wooden heron developed a crest, some fluffy neck feathers, and a wattle.

Bearded heron.

Towhee, showing off his sunflower seed

Another seed, also held upright.

Chickadees and juncos hold the sunflower seeds flat in their beaks. The chickadee then takes it to a handy branch and sets it down, held by a foot, while she pounds at it until it cracks. The junco cracks it where he finds it, still holding it flat in his beak and working it side to side.

I'm wondering about the towhees; do they crack the seed from the ends instead? I'll have to spend more time watching.

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